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Hardigree Helping Hands

Get Involved!

Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary is a 100% volunteer driven organization. As such, we rely on dedicated stewards of the Earth to assist us in our mission. Without volunteers, nothing is accomplished. Listed below is an expansive, but not all-encompassing list of the volunteer opportunities here at Hardigree. If nothing on this list suits you, don't hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to find something that will! The Sanctuary is 88 hours of nature that can be solely used for a wildlife sanctuary, outdoor education, and agricultural education. We are always seeking new volunteers to help make Hardigree a better experience for all members, volunteers, campers, and friends! To volunteer, contact either Steve or Sharon with your area of interest and your availability.

  • Weed Control

  • Invasive Plant Control

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Refurbish "old barn"

  • Spread mulch

  • "Adopt a Tree"

  • Camp Site Maintenance

  • Wildlife Viewing Stations

  • Plant Wildlife Food Plots

  • Create Various Gardens

  • Paint (Various Outdoor Projects)

  • Fence Maintenance

  • Build and Maintain Outdoor Classroom Areas

  • Expand Nature Trails

  • Signage Creation

  • Summer Day Camps

  • Family Wild Days

  • Fundraising Banquet- March

  • Fall Rendezvous- September

  • Fishing

  • Archery

  • Camping

  • Gardening

  • Conservation

  • Trees/Forestry

  • Water Ecology

  • Shooting Skills

  • Hunting

  • Farming/Agriculture

  • Outdoor Survival

  • Annual Banquet- March

  • Fall Rendezvous- September

  • Create Program Flyers

  • Write Event Articles for Print

  • Newsletter

  • Photography

  • Event Planning

  • Website Support

  • Social Media Support

  • Support at Local Events

  • Grants & Funding Research

  • Create Documents & Brochures

Property Upkeep-

property upkeep will involve working outside and doing regular maintenance around the grounds. Projects include but are not limited to:

Program Support-

program support will involve volunteering at planned events, planning and/or teaching a class, or anything related that you can think of!

Administrative Support-

administrative support will involve volunteering in office positions. There is a lot to do in the office including but not limited to:

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