About Us

Enchanting Outdoor Education in Watkinsville

Nestled in the heart of Watkinsville, Georgia, the tranquil haven of Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary beckons nature enthusiasts and families alike. Our premier non-profit outdoor education facility is dedicated to enriching lives through immersive nature experiences. As we strive to connect people with the natural ...

Building a Better World Together

At the core of our endeavors lies a profound mission: to instill a deep appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife among children and families. At every turn, we are driven by the noble goal of nurturing a generation of individuals who not only revel in the splendor of nature but also embrace their role as ...

We are a very small, local, wildlife sanctuary catering to the local community – we are not state/country/international.

Our Mission is outdoor education for the next generation

Our audience is local. 

We operate 100% by VOLUNTEERS 

I am a volunteer. For 22 years my husband and I traveled the Southeast United States providing outdoor education programs to schools/events/grand openings/outdoor shows/etc. We retired from our business in 2020 but began establishing The Sanctuary in 2016. 

Currently, we have 105 memberships (families &/or individuals) and the support of many companies and organizations. Again, we do not have any paid staff, all work is volunteer efforts! 

NOTE: My technology skills are very limited – that’s what drew me to UENI. (I am 73 years old & my husband is 79) – But we still have much to offer the next generation(s). This may not be an important fact to you, but it is to us.

The Sanctuary is a non-profit organization with memberships available for purchase.

Wildlife Activities




Our highest level of membership, Benefactors are esteemed sponsors, recognized prominently in our newsletter and with a corporate banner …
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$10,000.00 or More


Visionaries play a crucial role in our community, enjoying acknowledgment as sponsors in our newsletter and at events. 1 Family Life …
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$5,000.00 Up to 9000


With a Conservator membership, individuals are celebrated for their commitment to our cause Corporate banner displayed at all events
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$1,000.00 Up to $4,999